Bed Stuy Holistic Wellness

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Bed Stuy Holistic Wellness

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Yoga with a local Black yogi.

Ginger sampling with a local healer and shop owner.

Urban farm and market visit.

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Welcome to Bed Stuy's Holistic Wellness Community! 

Bed Stuy is a vibrant and thriving neighborhood that is historically and culturally distinguished. Join the wellness community on an immersive, self-guided experience focused on holistic wellness with some of Bed Stuy's most talented practitioners. 

You will enjoy a special yoga session with a local Black yogi, a ginger drink tasting and chat with a long time resident and hop owner of Brooklyn, and an urban farm and market experience in the heart of Bed Stuy. Through this trip, you will experience how Bed Stuy heals and grows.

Stretch. Yoga has long been a "white people" only thing in the U.S. (although it's a practice both Asians and ancient Africans have been practicing for centuries). Through diverse studios and bold yogis, more people from varied backgrounds feel more comfortable and accepted in the practice. Bed Stuy has embraced yoga in a major way with several Black owned studios.

Juice. Ginger is a wonderful natural wonder, providing healing properties, energy and more. Enjoy ginger in some of the most unique ways and chat with a local healer about how she's showing Bed Stuy how to heal with food, herbs and education.

Farm. According to reports, Bed Stuy has historically been one of the communities in Brooklyn riddled with health problems due to lack of access to resources, including fresh foods. Community activists and informed residents rose to the occasion and established community gardens and farms to bring fresh food to the hood. Now residents are not only taking control of their physical health, but they are also learning how to reconnect with nature in an urban place.

Relax. Enjoy a 50-minute massage with one of Bed Stuy's best healers. The therapists believe massage and touch healing should be incorporated as part of our regular lives, not just a vacation or treat. This will be like no experience you've ever had. You'll be refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed.

Bring your yoga clothes and walking shoes.

Choose from a 10AM or 12PM start time.

*Saturdays only

**The ticket price includes your admission to the yoga class, your ginger tasting, a donation to the local urban farm, your mini-magazine, tips and discounts to local restaurants, services and events, plus administrative costs. If you choose the massage option, your massage is also included.